A cloud solution for mapping and monitoring the sustainable use of natural resources
Independent and impartial
The only cloud-based geospatial solution backed by the UN
Secure and Authoritative Data
Our data integrity framework helps identify the best available data
Transparent and integrated approach
Transparency and integration of economic, social and environmental factors
Customize and
Co-design process builds a solution that is fit for purpose

Web mapping for people and planet

Three services in one trusted platform backed by the neutrality of the UN 

Catalog of best available spatial data
A single platform which aggregates and combines spatial data. Includes safeguards for controlling data security, integrity and access. 
Real time analytical and visualization tools
Offers a range of fast client tools for analysis, customized visualizations and monitoring areas of interest. Optimized for low bandwidth environments.
Dynamic communications products and services 
Powerful communication tools to inform action and decision-making. This includes story maps and functions for customized sharing. 

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