An open source cloud solution for mapping and monitoring the sustainable use of natural resources
We have partnered with UN Environment, United Nations Development Programme, and the CBD Secretariat to bring you over 80 global biodiversity datasets. Visualize and analyze how this data relates to achieving progress towards the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.  
Mapping Change 
Achieving both environmental protection and economic growth requires innovative approaches. How can we apply spatial data to creating conservation solutions?  Read the article by Jamison Ervin and Kifah Sasah. 
Open and integrated approach
Free for all, MapX is a low-bandwidth solution to suit any environment. Transparent and integrated approach for economic, social and environmental problem-solving. 
Introducing the Data Workspace
Co-design to build solutions that are fit for purpose. Data projects are secure data pools in which you can upload and analyze your own spatial data, compare it against existing datasets, and create story maps, and collaborate with team members. 

Web mapping for people and planet

Introducing MapX

UNEP/GRID-Geneva and UN Environment have developed MapX, an online platform for managing geospatial data on natural resources. Field applications of MapX are varied and include chemicals management, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity planning, land use planning, extractive industry, renewable energy and environmental security. MapX targets a wide community of users that are primarily UN Environment and partners, the Secretariats of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and other UN agencies mandated to collect and use geospatial data in environmental decision making. Civil society groups, non-governmental organizations, academia and citizens complement this set of users. MapX was designed in 2014 and since then continuously improved with wide international stakeholder consultations. MapX is fully integrated into the World Environment Situation Room, which is the UNEP data and knowledge platform.

MapX provides the following core services:

Catalog of best available spatial data
A single platform which aggregates and combines spatial data. Includes safeguards for controlling data security, integrity and access. 
Real time analytical and visualization tools
Offers a range of fast client tools for analysis, customized visualizations and monitoring areas of interest. Optimized for low bandwidth environments.
Dynamic communication products and services 
Powerful communication tools to inform action and decision-making. This includes story maps, dashboards and functions for customized sharing. 

Highlighted Projects

MapX has engagements around the globe. Information about our public portfolio of work is available below:

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