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Guidance Documents

We developed two volumes of technical guidance documents in response to your needs, and we hope that they can help you to develop a high quality, data-driven, and gender responsive Sixth National Report (6NR). 

Volume 1: UN Biodiversity Lab User Guide

6NR Volume 1 EN

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6NR Volume 1 EN

Español (Coming Soon)

Volume 2: Using Spatial Data to Determine Biodiversity Status

6nr volume 2 EN

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6nr volume 2 EN

Español (Coming Soon)


Webinar 1: Introduction and Orientation Webinar

Participants learned how to use this platform to help your team prepare a data-driven 6NR. We showed how to upload national-level data into country’s private workspace. Participants also received an overview of how to analyze your country’s national and global spatial data to make assessments about progress to achieve several of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, implement your NBSAP, and achieve the desired conservation outcomes. 

Webinar 2: Using Spatial Data and Maps

In this webinar, we focused on using UN Biodiversity Lab tools to make maps that can help report on the Aichi Biodiversity Targets (ABTs) and make conservation decisions. We discussed the benefits and drawbacks of using the global and national datasets that are available through the UN Biodiversity Lab. We will also work together to create simple maps that will help you to report on ABT's 5, 11, 12, 14, and 15.

Webinar 3: Making Story Maps

In this webinar, we worked together to create story maps to better report and communicate on biodiversity and conservation. MapX has an embedded story map engine which is easy to use, combining spatial data, photos, videos, and narratives to communicate messages to a larger audience. 

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