What are the main MapX applications ?

MapX can be customized to suit a range of different stakeholder needs and processes. Any of our client websites can also be "Powered by MapX" in order to maintain their own branding while benefiting from the MapX spatial data infrastructure and mapping capabilities. Currently, we support six main applications:
We offer a catalog of datasets that are compliant with international standards for geospatial data and metadata, some being live streamed from external data repositories.
Shared data pool for stakeholders
 We can help stakeholders agree on a shared data pool that can serve as the basis for dialogue, decision making and compliance monitoring.
Agreement monitoring
We can help stakeholders establish baselines and monitor compliance with different agreements. These can range from specific contracts and concessions to multi-lateral environmental agreements.
Supply chain risk management
We can aggregate a range of different risks across an operational area and help stakeholders develop risk heat maps for supply chain due diligence.
Land use planning
We can help stakeholders access relevant natural resource and environmental data to support local level landuse plans. This can include aggregating data from multiple sources including government, private sector, and academia. 
Spatial data infrastructure
We offer a complete cloud-based spatial data infrastructure solution to support national and international projects and processes. 

How is MapX different ?

MapX is different from other geospatial platforms.
We are committed to the use of open source technologies and to generating global public goods for the sustainable use of natural resources.
We focus on the specific needs of stakeholders and aim to build their capacity for uptake and action. 
Our unique value proposition is based on the following:

Independent and impartial

MapX is underpinned by UN impartiality. We have the ability to act as a trusted broker of public and private data. We can also engage directly in sensitive political processes where data impartiality must be maintained.

secure and authoritative data

MapX offers a secure cloud-based platform that can manage both public and private datasets. All of the data passes through a data integrity framework providing maximum confidence and access to the best available data.

transparent and integrated approach

MapX works to improve transparency by integrating economic, social and environmental factors in the approach. MapX helps users contextualize their data and understand the real development impact. 

customization and

MapX was founded on the idea of developing geospatial solutions that are fit to purpose. We have developed a stakeholder engagement model to customize and co-design the platform as well as offer training.

Where is MapX operating ?

MapX is currently supporting a range of different stakeholders at the global, regional, and national levels. 

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