What is a MapX project?

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MapX offers dedicated environments (projects) where users can find specific data (views) that can be shown on map. Projects can be directly managed by MapX partners or by the MapX team.
Projects are customizable, cloud-based data workspaces in which users can create, upload, and share data with other project users and beyond. They can be public or private to people browsing the platform and are stored in secure servers managed by UN Environment custodians to ensure that only users with correct privileges can access the project.Projects are controlled by an administrator who determines the access rights for all other users, including what other users visualize, publish and edit within the project. The administrator also decides who can join the project and which data layers can be published within the project and publicly.

Projects are managed by MapX on a cost-recovery basis. However, if you have an idea about a project you would like to create, and why it would be beneficial to have it on MapX, please send an email to the support team at mapx@un.org

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