MapX: An open geospatial platform to manage, analyze and visualize data on natural resources and the environment

Published January 19, 2019:

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SoftwareX, Volume 9. Access the full article online. 


This paper describes MapX, a spatial data infrastructure that aims to support the sustainable use of natural resources and the environment by increasing access to the best available geospatial information and related monitoring technologies. MapX is supported by an online platform that provides authoritative spatial data at local, national and global scales, an authentication data integrity framework using a scorecard and a set of on-line tools to visualize, analyze and access geospatial data. Originally created for stakeholders involved in the extractives sector, MapX has recently expanded to other fields where spatial data can help inform stakeholder dialog, prioritization of investments and impact monitoring such as disaster risk reduction, chemicals management, biodiversity planning, renewable energy and environmental security. This paper describes the open source software stack of the platform, its key functionalities as well as its planned features and concludes by capturing some of the key lessons learned.




Pierre Lacroix, Project Manager at GRID-Geneva
Frédéric Moser, Chief Developer at GRID-Geneva

Antonio Benvenuti, GIS Analyst at GRID-Geneva
Thomas Piller, GIS Analyst at GRID-Geneva

David Jensen, Co-director of MapX
Inga Petersen, Senior Extractives Advisor at MapX


Marion Planque, Research Assistant at MapX
Nicholas Ray, Senior Lecturer at the University of Geneva






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