MapX API released

The MapX application programming interface (API, also called Software development Kit –SDK) has been released. It includes a complete set of methods that will enable to pilot MapX data and functions from an external website, using iFrames, and to improve user experience.

Three basic prototypes have been developed to showcase how the API can be used:

1) Near-real time data on Air Quality

UNEP/GRID-Geneva has been working with the Global Environmental Monitoring Unit (GEMS Water and GEMS Air ) in Nairobi in integrating near-real time data on air quality onto MapX. This prototype shows air quality stations from different cities in the World. By selecting a city and clicking one station (the points in the upper left window) it is possible to select different parameters in the dropdown list. For example, if one selects ozone several dashboards are displayed on the right side and below. In this prototype MapX data and functions are completely ungrouped and piloted from an external web page using the MapX API. This improves user experience, makes the application mobile-responsive like and alleviates the graphical user interface.

2) Near-real time data on Water Quality in African cities
This is the same type of prototype than the previous one, but with data on Water Quality.

3) Maps on plausible futures to inform policy-makers involved in biodiversity conservation

UNEP-TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) is collaborating with country partners on the measurement of natural capital to inform policy-making processes. The results can be visualized using maps. In particular for the web platform here visualized, UNEP-TEEB supported country partners in developing ‘maps of plausible futures’ to inform policy-making processes. The prototype showcases different data layers under various scenarii, for different years, in Tanzania and Bhutan. To use the prototype, first select a country, then a parameter, then a scenario and finally a year. A geospatial layer with associated legend will be displayed. In this prototype MapX is piloted from an external web page, using the MapX API (Software Development Kit), and navigation has been made simple and intuitive.

Link to the technical documentation