It’s time to use digital data to progress towards sustainable development

Welcome to the seventh edition of our newsletter highlighting innovation and frontier technologies around the globe. our focal point in this newsletter would be an article titled The promise and peril of a digital ecosystem for the planet written by David Jensen and Jillian Campbell of UN environment. Frontier technologies could be harnessed to identify environmental crises earlier and inform decision making. AI, for example, could help drive a revolution in sustainability and the global management of natural resources, but the use of frontier technologies also presents some risks. This article explores the promises and perils of a digital ecosystem for the planet. It also urges all stakeholders to come together and develop a digital ecosystem of data, infrastructure, algorithms, and insights that would provide actionable evidence on our collective progress towards sustainable development goals. The piece, written in collaboration with many experts from the tech sector and other domains, seeks to spark a global conversation around the need for a planetary dashboard to monitor our critical natural resources and ecosystem services at the global, national and local levels.

Read the full Newsletter below:

MapX Geospatial Newsletter_Semptember 2019