New datasets and story map for the implementation of Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development dashboard

During Q1-Q2 2021, UNEP/GRID-Geneva and Plan Bleu (one of the Regional Activity Centres of the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan, which supports the Convention of Barcelona) have collaborated to enable the access to geospatial datasets relevant for the monitoring of Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) implementation through a sustainability dashboard composed of 28 indicators. Those indicators concern the following topics: sea and coast, rural and resources, cities, climate change, green/blue economy and governance. Additional thematic planches feed the dashboard to illustrate in more detail specific relations between pressures resulting from human activities and the state of the environment. The geographical area of the collaboration is the 22 contracting parties of the Barcelona convention. The geospatial datasets are now disseminated using the online open source MapX platform as part of the World Environment Situation Room:

A story map, discussing how innovative tools can boost the MSSD dashboard implementation, is also available from:

The results of the collaboration were presented at the annual meeting of the Plan Bleu’s National Focal Points meeting in May 2021, generating a very positive feedback from the participants, and at the Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI 2021) in June 2021.