Global Risk Data Platform

The PREVIEW Global Risk Data Platform is a multiple agencies effort to share spatial data information on global risk from natural hazards. The main objective of the project is to migrate the PREVIEW system onto the MapX platform.

Internationally Agreed Environmental Goals (IAEGs) Monitor

Help policy makers to keep track of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) memberships and related goals, to quantify the environmental states and trends of territories and to interpret the figures in terms of benchmarking and progress.

Somalia: Drought Impact Needs Assessment (DINA)

The Drought Impact Needs Assesment (DINA) in Somalia was initiated by the federal government to create recovery strategies in response to climatic variability. Explore the spatial data catalogue.

Sustainable Development of Natural Resources in Afghanistan

MapX was deployed to establish the Afghanistan Environmental Data Center. Follow the Aynak Copper Mine case study to see the challenges being faced for environmental managers.

Sahel fragility and environment assessment

The overall objective of the project is to deliver a story map and data catalogue in MapX, that UNEP can use to support the World Bank in their fragility assessment of the Sahel.
UN Biodiversity Lab: South Sudan Wildlife

The UN Biodiversity Lab

The UN Biodiversity Lab is a partnership framework for using spatial data to inform national biodiversity planning and reporting. The application is powered by MapX.

Earth Observation Data Cube on Demand for Monitoring Land Degradation by Mining Activities

H2020 GEOEssential project is addressing the need for trusted sources of data and information to monitor the progress made on environmental conditions towards policy targets. Under this project, MapX has been connected with data cube technology to develop different pilots for monitoring land degradation by mineral resources extraction.
Haiti uses spatial data

Haiti Environment and Energy Mapping

MapX is establishing a spatial database infrastructure to support UN Environment's country programme and to pilot test mapping of renewable energy infrastructure.

DR Congo: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Support

As the extractives sector embraces increasing transparency, stakeholders face a series of new challenges. These relate to avoiding data fragmentation, duplicating and dispersing available data, and providing access to actionable information for evidence-based decision making.

The World Environment Situation Room

The World Environment Situation Room brings together the data, information and knowledge generated across UNEP in order to fulfil the UNEP mandate: “keep the environment under review”. MapX is the geospatial component of the World Environment Situation Room.
Probo Koala Field Assessment

Probo Koala Environmental Audit

In August 2006, the ship Probo Koala dumped 528 cubic metres of toxic waste around the port of Abdijan, Côte d'Ivoire. MapX supported spatial data management for the independent environmental audit.

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