Supporting the Kuwait Environment Public Authority (KEPA) in managing geospatial information

In 2018, bilateral discussions with the Kuwait Environment Public Authority (KEPA), followed by a needs assessment survey highlighted a need to build GIS capacity within the biodiversity division of KEPA. Counterparts confirmed that in order to effectively monitor key biodiversity indicators and support reporting activities to the relevant Conventions, KEPA requires a geospatial information management support and related capacity building. Support is required to carry out a data inventory of biodiversity and conservation data, consolidate available data, create a platform for data sharing and management, increase spatial literacy and build capacity to manage, analyze and visualize spatial data going forward. KEPA staff also reiterated the need to explore the preliminary development and design of customized monitoring dashboards for key biodiversity indicators. To fulfill these need MapX has established in 2019 a customized data sharing platform for KEPA.

Project Profile

Kuwait Environment Public Authority (KEPA)

Customized MapX platform for KEPA successfully launched on 31 March 2019.

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