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Following along with this video walk-through for a demonstration of the toolbar and basic site navigation.
Learn how to upload spatial data sets and how to style your map view. 
Additional training topics are under development including:
- Creating additional views from the same data set
- Completing meta data
- Completing the data integrity framework
- Sharing maps by email and social media
- Downloading maps and screen captures
- Using data dashboards
Video walk-throughs for our intermediate users are under development. These include:
- Preparing data for ingestion in MapX
- Developing dynamic story maps
- Embedding your maps in external websites
- Setting up and monitoring an area of interest
- Downloading data sets

Video walk-throughs for our advanced users are under development. These include: 
- Developing a customized data dashboard 
- Conducting overlaps of two views
- Setting up a time slider for time series data
- Conducting heat mapping and risk prioritization
- Connecting to web feature services and external application programming interfaces (APIs)

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